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Whether owning your first station has been a life-long dream, or you're growing your existing group, you've come to the RIGHT place. Radio For Sale is your first step to finding the radio station that matches your needs and budget. Contact either George Kimble or Dick Kozacko and put us to work for you.

2 MAJOR Reasons to Invest in RADIO:

"Radio is a stable business with high barriers to entry, great operating leverage and high free cash flow relative to EBITDA.
- Cumulus Media CEO Lew Dickey- NAB Radio Conference- Fall 2012

"Radio is primarily a Local Service Business. Once the station has reached the breakeven point, profitability increases dramatically. Thus, for every incremental sales dollar a high proportion falls to the bottom line."
- "Buying a Broadcast Station"- NAB publication

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George Kimble
George has owned and operated radio and television stations for more than 35 years. George specializes in both AM and FM stations in small and medium markets. Based in Tucson, Arizona, George handles stations in the WEST including Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, in addition to New York and the Northeast. He's also knowledgeable in all aspects of Low Power Television and has listings available. 

Dick Kozacko
Dick has been a full-time media broker for more than 30 years. He’s based in Raleigh, NC and specializes in radio stations in the EAST, including New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida.  He is the founder of Kozacko Media Services and serves as the Treasurer of the National Media Brokers Association.

Pat Anderson
Pat hosts the nationally syndicated radio show- A Fitness Minute. In her "spare time" she's helping her contacts across the country buy and sell radio stations.  Pat excels in WIN-WIN negotiations that are so vital to getting the deal done. 


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